16 thoughts on “Morgan County Fair”

        1. Yes ma’am, as long as you are in a seat it is okay. Passenger vans and larger vehicles designed to carry 12-15 people are not included but your SUV is fine.

  1. Hey what’s up folks? yall put your seatbelts on cause the Loaded Dice boys are bringing a rock n roll ride to the 63rd Annual Morgan County Fair at 7pm on October12, 2016 Visit and “LIKE”@
    Entertainment Line-Up
    Oct 7 Overtones
    Oct 8 Demolition Derby
    Oct 9 Left Side Drive
    Oct 10 Brandon Henson
    Oct 11 Whiskey Tree
    Oct 12 Loaded Dice
    Oct 13 Wrestling
    Oct 14 Cosmic Utopia
    Oct 15 The Flashbacks

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